Things I learned about having a baby:

1. Once your water starts breaking, it doesn’t stop.  I thought it was just one big gush and then it was done.  No, you get to feel like you are peeing your pants for a considerable amount of time.

2. When you are in labor, people come in frequently to check your cervix.  This does NOT feel good.

3. If you have preeclampsia symptoms, which I did, they give you something called magnesium.  It makes you feel really weird and loopy, and you are not allowed to get out of bed.

4. Even if your water breaks, you can still be induced.  I guess I thought if your water broke, the baby was ready to go.  This was definitely not the case with Sammy!

5. We listened to two different women give birth naturally while waiting for Sammy.  It scared the pants off of me!  I am very thankful for epidural, especially since I ended up being in labor for 34 hours.

6. Sammy was not interested in leaving my belly.  I never dilated past 5 centimeters, so after 34 hours, I ended up having a c-section.

7. The doctor sang Christmas carols during my c-section.  From now on, the song “Silver Bells” will always remind me of having a c-section.

8. Sammy peed on the doctor when they pulled him out of my belly.  The doctor turned him to make sure the other doc got peed on as well.

9. Our little guy was born at 11:05 AM on December 8, 2012.  He weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 21 inches long. 🙂

So handsome!


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