Things I have learned about breastfeeding:

This post is probably a little TMI.  Feel free to skip reading it if you have no interest in breast-feeding.

1. I thought once you had the baby, you automatically got breast milk to feed him with.  So far, this has not been the case for me.  Sammy is 11 days old and I still do not have any breast milk.

2. How to operate a breast pump.  Also, using a breast pump makes you feel like a dairy cow.

3. In the hospital, everyone comes in and gives you different opinions about how you should breastfeed and/or tells you that you are doing it wrong.  This is not encouraging!!  Especially when three different people tell you three completely different things.  I think they should make a rule that only the lactation specialist is allowed to talk to patients about breast-feeding.

4. When you don’t have any breast milk, they make you take some stinky herbs to help it to come in- Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle.  The Fenugreek is super stinky, and after a while it makes you start to stink as well.  I now smell vaguely of Indian food.

5. There is a such thing as a Breastfeeding Support Group and today I attended my first meeting.  It was actually really helpful, and made me feel not so alone.

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