Things I learned the last two days- 1/4-1/5/13

1. Mike arrested a guy on Thursday who was driving without a license.  Ironically, he crashed into a bus full of district attorneys.  Somehow, I don’t think any of them are going to cut him a deal…

2. Graham crackers were originally invented to curb sexual urges.  (This fun fact provided by the game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Sammy and I have been watching a lot of daytime tv.)

3. Sammy took a nap in his cradle on Friday.  Progress!

4. My god-daughter Maggie is learning how to crawl!  I would post the video, but this blog only lets me post pictures.

5. Sammy and I took our first outing just the two of us yesterday.  We returned a movie to Redbox and got hot chocolate from the Starbucks drive-thru.  Sammy slept the whole time.

6. During his tummy time today, Sammy rolled over!!!  Mike, Georgia, and I were very impressed as he is not even a month old yet.  I looked up when this usually happens, and the earliest is around two months.  Sammy is obviously very advanced for his age.


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