Things I learned the last few days- 1/13-1/15/13

1. I only got two playoff games right this weekend.  I have fallen to 2nd place in the Pro Pick’Em league, behind Stuart’s brother.  Boo!

2. I watched the Golden Globes Sunday night, including the red carpet coverage.  I learned so many things!  Here we go:

  1. Kristen Bell is pregnant. She is a super cute preggo. 🙂 Kristen Bell is preggers!
  2. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were awesome hosts!  They should host everything from now on.  Also, they looked amazing!  I want to grow up to be just like them. My heroes
  3. The show “Homeland” won lots of awards, as did the tv movie “Game Change.”  “Les Miserables” took home the best comedy/musical and “Argo” won best drama.  The only movie nominated that I have seen, “Skyfall,” won best original song.  Yay Adele!
  4. Claire Danes had a baby a month ago and looks like this.  Hate her!! Seriously?!
  5. I love best/worst dressed lists, so decided to create my own.  For worst-dressed, I choose Rachel Wiesz, or Mrs. James Bond.  This dress was fine from the knees up, but went wackadoo from the knees down. (She did have the best accessory of the night- James Bond on her arm!)Worst-dressed
  6. For best-dressed, Jessica Alba looked gorgeous.  The color of this dress and her skin worked really well together. Best-dressed
  7. Jodi Foster is single.  And a lesbian.  I think…

3. I am not digging the ice/freezing rain we’ve got going on in Nashville right now.  I have not left the house since Thursday and am starting to go stir-crazy, but don’t want to take Sammy anywhere in this weather!

4. Sammy was not into going to bed last night, so I watched the first two episodes of Revenge Season 1 on Netflix.  I am hooked.  Emily Van Camp is awesome and bada$$.

5. When it’s 1:00 and you’ve already been puked on twice, you know it’s not going to be a good day.


3 thoughts on “Things I learned the last few days- 1/13-1/15/13

  1. I told you how good Revenge was, didn’t I?! I have a phrase I use when I feel like getting particularly “bada$$” – “Time to channel my inner Emily Thorne.” 🙂 Not that I’m every actually bad…

    I just love Emily Van Camp. Loved her in Everwood, loved her in Brothers & Sisters, love her in Revenge.

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