Things I learned the last two days- 1/16-1/17/13

1. Winter is the WORST season to have a new baby in.  I can’t take him anywhere where there are people because I am scared to death of the flu.  I can’t take him on walks because it is cold out.  Mike hasn’t wanted me to drive anywhere with him this week, because every day there have been warnings about freezing rain and bad roads.  I am starting to go CRAZY!!!!  I wonder how many days of not leaving the house it takes before I am officially a hermit…

2. I read online that “Drop Dead Diva” is getting canceled.  I am so bummed!!!   I know it sounds like a stupid show, but it really grows on you.  I am upset I will never know what happened to Jane, Grayson, Owen, and Stacey.  😦

3. I was very excited about this week’s episode of “Bunheads.”  Jeanine from “So You Think You Can Dance” and Paris from “Gilmore Girls” both had guest appearances.  I forgot how much I love Paris.  I hope both of them end up with recurring roles!


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