Things I learned the last few days- 2/5-2/8/13

1. Sammy slept for 8 hours Monday night.  Squee!!!  I have been getting frustrated with his 30 minute naps during the day, but if he wants to save all his sleeping for nighttime, that is okay with me. 🙂

2. I finally figured out how all the straps and buckles work on my infant carrier.  I managed to get quite a few chores done, and Sammy seemed to enjoy it.

3. There is a new Monopoly token.  The iron has been replaced by a cat.  I approve of this change as I was never a fan of the iron.  I always wanted to be the dog or the car.

New token!

4. TV update:  I was very sad when Lizzie got off “Top Chef.”  I am now rooting for Brooke to win, as there has only been one other woman winner.  On “Project Runway,” I am starting to feel sorry for the Dream Team.  They remind me of that sad tribe on the last season of Survivor.

5. Sammy is now two months old!  Check out the cuteness from his two-month photo shoot:

Two month Sammy!

6. I just read that Christina Applegate is no longer going to be on “Up All Night.”  I think that means I will no longer be watching the show…


2 thoughts on “Things I learned the last few days- 2/5-2/8/13

  1. This Christina Applegate news is very upsetting to me. How can they even have a show? It isn’t a soap opera. You can’t just replace the main character two seasons into the show!!

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