Things I have learned lately- 2/14-2/17/13

1. You can always count on kids to tell you the hard truth.  I went to school Thursday to see my kiddos and help with their Valentine’s party.  One of my girls said, “It looks like you still have a baby in your belly.” Ouch!  Good thing Mom and I are joining Weight Watchers next week…

2. Mike and I tried the brownie batter donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts.  They were good, but not as amazing as I was anticipating.

3. Mike and I had a great Valentine’s date.  We went to see “The Hobbit” and ate at Panera.  I really enjoyed “The Hobbit.”  They did a great job with the story, and it was even pretty funny.  Thanks to my folks for watching Sammy and for the movie gift card!

4. According to the movie concessions guy, people come to the theater just to buy popcorn- especially truck drivers.  This really surprised me, because movie theater popcorn is crazy expensive!  You can buy a whole box of microwave popcorn at the store for the price of a small movie theater popcorn.

5. I think Sammy is going to start laughing really soon.  He is already making this noise that sounds almost like a laugh.  I can’t wait to make him laugh for real!

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