Things I learned today- 2/18/13

1. Mike and I rented two movies from the Redbox- “Alex Cross” and “Taken 2.”  They were both rather similar in that the main character was trying to protect his family from crazy people.  The crazy guy in “Alex Cross” was super crazy, which led to some rather disturbing scenes and imagery.  If you like movies with lots of action, I would recommend them both.  “Taken 2” is definitely the less gory of the two, although Liam Neeson does rack up quite a body count.  I really think people should learn not to mess with him.

2. It was a very warm President’s Day here in Tennessee, so we took Sammy on his first walk.  He seemed to enjoy it.  He alternated between sleeping and staring, but did not scream, so I took that to mean he liked it.

3. I watched “The Amazing Race” online tonight, since I completely forgot to set my DVR.  I am not sure who I like yet, but I can tell you who I don’t like.  The newlywed couple seem very snotty and fake.  The Youtube people are going to get on my last nerve, especially the guy.  There are two girls from Nashville who claim to be country singers (I’ve never heard of them), so I might root for them unless they turn out to be annoying.  I was sad to see the firefighter dudes get out first, they seemed like good guys.

The Amazing Race


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