Things I learned this weekend- 2/23-2/24/13

1. I watched this week’s episode of “Project Runway” and can I just say that Miranda Lambert is awesome?!  I really want to hang out with her and make her be my friend.

2. Somehow I managed to screw up my three-ingredient potato soup.  It is literally the easiest thing I know how to make.  The potatoes disappeared!  Mike’s theory is that they got mushy and melted into the soup.  Of course, the one time I mess up the soup is when I am making it for other people.  We had to stop at Zaxby’s to get their dinner instead.

3. Mike and I watched the movie “Goon” on Netflix Saturday night.  It is quite funny, but definitely full of language and violence.  If you are a fan of hockey fights, which I am, you will enjoy it.  Be prepared, there is a lot of blood on the ice!

4. I watched the Academy Awards tonight, including the Red Carpet Coverage- which is probably my favorite part.  I love seeing all the pretty dresses!  The following are the numerous things I learned:

  • Seth MacFarlane wasn’t as bad as I was expecting him to be.  I still think they should have gotten Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to host, as they are amazing.
  • Quvenzhane Wallis wins the “Cutest Kid at the Oscars” Award in my book.  Her purse is a puppy!

Love her purse!

  • They chose the Jaws theme to play people off the stage.  I have to say, I found this rather amusing.
  • Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress and then fell on her way up the stairs.  She joked about it like a champ, though.  She’s so cool.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis won for Best Actor, which surprised no one.  His speech was actually quite funny, although it made me think about how difficult his method acting must be on his wife.  He has made Oscar history as the first actor to recieve three Best Actor awards.
  • “Argo” won Best Picture, which I don’t think was surprising.  The surprise part was that Michelle Obama announced the winner from the White House!
  • So, I did this for the Golden Globes and have decided to make it a tradition.  Here are my best and worst-dressed pics.  For best-dressed, I chose Naomi Watts.  This dress is really interesting and different, and it fits her perfectly!


  • For worst-dressed, I chose Anne Hathaway.  Her dress had something really weird going on, and all I could think everytime they showed her was “Are her nipples showing?!”



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