Things I learned the last few days- 2/25-2/28/13

1. Mike stayed home from work Monday and we had a movie day.  We rented “End of Watch” and “Hit and Run” from the Redbox.  “End of Watch” is a movie about cops in LA.  Mike declared it completely unrealistic and we turned it off after about 30 minutes.  I do not recommend.  “Hit and Run” is kind of an action/comedy.  It stars Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who are a couple in real life.  It was pretty funny, and the two of them are really cute together.  There is a lot of language and some violence.  Also naked old people.  (That part was gross but hilarious!) I would recommend renting it.

2. An Australian billionaire is making the Titanic II, a high-tech replica of the original ship.  Who will not be participating in the maiden voyage?  This gal!

3. In an effort to cut down on our grocery bill, I am going to start doing our main shopping at Aldi’s.  I made my first Aldi’s trip yesterday, and was amazed at all the things I got for $71.  Yay Aldi’s!

4. Sammy does not like zerberts.  I gave him a zerbert on his tummy, and he screamed like I had stabbed him for 20 minutes.

5. TV update- On “The Amazing Race,” the dad on the father/son cancer survivors team thinks he ruptured his Achilles tendon.  I am sad, because I really liked this team and their story.  On “Survivor,” Shamar is the lamest excuse for a Marine ever!!  Not only is he lazy, but he is already talking about quitting because he’s not “happy.”  What?!  Also, he has some serious anger issues that I think he might need to go to therapy for.  Phillip continues to be crazy with a monologue about his basketball skills.  He’s played guys twice his height!  So, he plays basketball with Goliath?  The “Top Chef” finale was bizarre.  I did not like the format at all, and was also sad that Brooke lost.  I like Kristen, but I really feel Brooke was more deserving of the win.  This week’s episode of “Nashville” featured a cupcake from my favorite bakery- Cupcake Collection.  They didn’t actually say that on the show, but Cupcake Collection had it on their Facebook page.  Mmmm….cupcakes…

Cupcakes on Nashville

6. Today, Sammy picked up a toy and waved it around.  It is his first time grabbing a toy on his own.  Yay Sammy!

7. Mom, Heidi, and I returned to our former Weight Watchers group tonight.  I officially weigh more than I ever have when not pregnant.  Yuck.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned the last few days- 2/25-2/28/13

  1. Philip is a whack-a-doo! I thought the same thing – he’s apparently played basketball against people that are 12 feet tall? CRAZY! Also, I was shocked when one of the fans (girl with the darker hair) spoke – how did I go 2.5 episodes of the show and NEVER have seen her before?

    Also, Top Chef really disappointed me. Mostly, because with 20 minutes left, they started putting a bunch of stupid filler comments in, which basically gave it away that there was no 5th course and that Kristin was going to win. Boo!

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