Things I learned the last few days- 3/1-3/4/13

1. There is a place in New York where people work out by having light saber fights. It’s called New York Jedi, and the guy who founded it was on the Today Show teaching them some moves.  It all sounds a little bizarre to me, but it did look kind of fun.

2. Sammy has started blowing spit bubbles. It’s funny how cute I find this, when I would be disgusted if anyone else was doing it.

3. I tried Extra Dessert Delights Lemon Square gum, and it is amazing!  It is officially my new favorite gum.  It tastes just like a lemon square!


4. Mom, Sammy, and I went to the Sugarbabies Consignment sale in Smyrna today.  I got him jean shorts, overalls, two pairs of jeans, two sleepers, three shirts, a shorts/tank top outfit, some sandals, and a dangly toy for his car seat for $25.  I was pretty impressed with my own thriftiness.

5. “Drop Dead Diva” has been uncanceled!  Yay!!!!!!


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