Things I learned the last two days- 3/18-3/19/13

1. Signs of teething in babies are: drooling, gnawing on things, crying for no apparent reason, and no longer sleeping all night. Sammy is currently doing all of those things.  I also learned that these signs can start a month before an actual tooth appears.  Yay! (That was a sarcastic yay, in case you couldn’t tell.)

2. Matt Hasselbeck is no longer the Titans back-up quarterback.  We have signed Ryan Fitzpatrick, formerly of the Buffalo Bills.  Miriam informed me today that Hasselbeck has been signed by the Colts.  We are hoping this turns out better than the time they signed Kerry Collins…

3. So, I watched this week’s episode of “Army Wives” and it appears that the only original army wife sticking around is Denise.  There are a bunch of new chicks.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.

4. The special guest for WOC’s Easter service is Willie from “Duck Dynasty.”  I don’t watch that show, but people are really excited about it!

Duck Dynasty

5. The Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds, and Guster are touring together this summer.  They are coming to The Woods at Fontanel on July 13th, and Miriam and I are going to be there!  I mean, we have to get tickets, but we want to be there!

6. Sammy had his first trip to Target today.  I’m not sure he appreciated it as much as I thought he should.  He pretty much took a nap the whole time.


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