Things I learned today- 3/22/13

1. Holy Upsets, Batman!  Today was definitely a day of bracket busting.  We have 12 seed Ole Miss over 5 seed Wisconsin, (I got that one right!) 13 seed La Salle over 4 seed Kansas St., and most impressively, 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast over 2 seed Georgetown.  Previously, there have only been six instances in which 15 seeds have beaten 2 seeds in the NCAA tourney.  Two of those actually happened last year.  This just in: 7 seed Notre Dame just got their butts kicked by 10 seed Iowa St.  Currently, 6 seed UCLA is losing to 11 seed Minnesota by twelve.

2. I have 20 of 30 picks right, thus far.  Of the two games left in the first round, I think I will get Kansas over Western Kentucky (although the game is pretty close!).  So, 21 picks out of 32.  Not my best first round.


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