Things I learned today- 3/29/13

1. My neighbor Katie taught me that if you flip those restaurant highchairs over, you can sit a car seat in them.  We met one of our former neighbors at Panera Bread for lunch, and Sammy got his second restaurant experience.  This one started out a little rough, as he began crying immediately after we got there, but he calmed down and was happy and smily the rest of our lunch.

2. A woodchuck and a groundhog are the same thing.  I saw one in our subdivision today!  It was just hanging out on a sidewalk.  I think this is the first time I’ve seen one in real life.

3. Dying the white part of deviled eggs pretty colors was not as easy as the internet made it sound.  The directions said to put 1 cup of water in three bowls and add 4 drops of blue, red, and green food coloring.  Then, place the egg whites into the bowls after cutting them and popping out the yolks.  That part was not too hard. I let them soak for a while, and then checked to see how it was going.  The eggs in the red food coloring were already hot pink.  The eggs in the blue and green food coloring, however, were still pretty much white.  I eventually lost count of the number of blue and green food coloring drops I had to add before I got the eggs to change color.  I also managed to dye my hand pink while getting the eggs out of the red food coloring bowl.  Finally, I decided to be extra fancy and pipe the yolk mixture into the eggs using a pastry bag and frosting tip.  Halfway through this process, a big piece of yolk got stuck.  I squeezed extra hard, the tip flew off the bag, and yolk mixture went everywhere.  Awesome.  I did manage to make 12 semi-presentable deviled eggs.  The bad news- I was supposed to make 24.

Pretty eggs

Pretty eggs

4. A ticket Mike gave a guy in a roundabout was on the news tonight.  If you watch this video closely, you can see Mike’s signature on the ticket.

5. I have 3 teams right in the Elite Eight.  With Kansas and Indiana out, half of my Final Four is gone.  Oh, and I’m in 9th place in our Tourney Pick’Em League.  There are only eleven of us.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned today- 3/29/13

  1. I just need to acknowledge that there is no way you lived until you were 30 years old before ever seeing a woodchuck or a groundhog…I just don’t believe this. We used to see about 5 dead on the road every day growing up. 🙂

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