Things I learned lately- 3/30-4/1/13

1. If you wanted a seat for WOC’s Easter Service Saturday night, you had to get there early!  Larry and Cathy got there at 4:00 and saved us all seats.  The place was packed out!

2. Willie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” was once mistaken for a homeless person in Murfreesboro, TN.  Also, he’s a pretty funny guy.

3. Sammy made his church debut at my folk’s church on Sunday.  I was a little worried about him screaming during service, but he did really well.  He did let out two really loud belches that had our row and the row in front of us cracking up.

4. Sammy did not care all that much about the things in his Easter basket.  I am guessing he will be more excited next year. He did look really cute though!

Sammy with his Easter basket goodies

Sammy with his Easter basket goodies

5. I only have one team in the Final Four- Louisville.  I didn’t pick them to win, or even make it to the final game, so I won’t get any more points. 😦

6. Our jogging stroller decided to be really annoying today.  It won’t fold down to fit in the trunk of my car.  So, I am in the market for a new stroller!


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