Things I learned today- 4/10/13

1. Today was Sammy’s second day at Mother’s Day Out.  It was much easier to leave him next door, especially because he was still super out of it from his vaccinations and pretty much slept all day.

Big Announcement:

2. Michelle Obama will be speaking at my former high school’s graduation ceremony.  How awesome is that?!  Regardless of your political opinions, I think that is pretty dang cool.  Also, I bet my sexy hubby will be part of the motorcade escorting her. 🙂

3. I am a little behind on my tv watching, so I just watched last week’s “Parks and Recreation” and “Project Runway.”  “Parks and Rec” was awesome, as usual.  I love Ben Wyatt on morphine.  Also, I plan to start calling Sammy a snuggle doodle. “Project Runway” made me super confused.  Michelle has one last chance?  What does that mean?  Also, I kind of hated Daniel and Patricia’s looks way more than hers.


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