Things I learned this week- 4/11-4/17/13

Woops, I got a little behind on my blogging.  I will try to remember everything I’ve learned in the past week, but I really should have written some of it down… My brain is just not that reliable.

1. There is a giant African snail invasion occurring in Florida.  These things are no joke!  They can grow to be rat-sized, eat 500 different kinds of plants, can puncture car tires, and carry a parasite that can cause meningitis.  Sorry Aunt Suzy, I may not be down to visit you in Florida for a while…

So gross!!

So gross!!

2. Miriam and Stuart came to visit!!!  I think this is the longest Miriam and I have gone without seeing each other.  It was great to hang with my bestie and get to introduce her to Sammy.

3. While on a walk at Centennial Park Saturday, we saw some people playing a rather interesting looking game.  I did some internet research and discovered it is called Spikeball.  Basically, there is a small circular trampoline which you put in between two teams of two.  Then, you spike the ball onto the trampoline and the other side has three hits to bounce it back to you.  It’s kind of a combination of four square and volleyball, but with a tiny trampoline.  Here is a “How to Play Spikeball” video if you are having trouble imagining this:

4. Major tv update: Okay, I have gotten kind of behind on my tv watching, so I spent a lot of time trying to catch myself back up.  “The Amazing Race”- It’s about time Chuck and Winona got off!  They have had way too many lucky breaks and should have been off long ago.  “Survivor”- I am glad Malcolm didn’t get voted out, as I like him.  The problem I am having is that I like people on both sides of the alliances, and I can’t stand Phillip.  Or Reynolds- as Phillip calls him.  He’s a person, Phillip, not a box of aluminum foil.  “Parks and Recreation”- There was an amazing end tag this week in which Ron Swanson eats a banana.  Miriam, Stuart, and I about laughed our pants off.  I’m glad that Ron and I have a hatred of bananas in common.  “Project Runway”- Layana is gone!!!  Yay!!  I am so glad she didn’t make it to Fashion Week, she is such a spoiled brat!

5. I named Monday “Meltdown Monday” in honor of two of our students.  For one of the girls, it was her first day.  The other one just decided to spend half the day having a tantrum.  I got home with Sammy, and he also had a meltdown.  By bedtime, my ears had gotten really tired of hearing screaming.

6. I have gone on 3 walks this week.  Go me!

7. Today at work I wore one black earring and one blue earring, and no one said anything!  I didn’t notice until I got home.  Did everyone just thing I was making some kind of weird fashion statement?


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