Things I learned lately- 4/29-5/2/13

1. My mom will be working with me at Mother’s Day Out for about a month.  The girl who usually works with me in the toddler room is taking some time off for medical leave.  I am excited, as Mom and I are an awesome team!

2. I read about the 16 Most Insane Stadium foods here.  Most of these sounded completely disgusting, but I wouldn’t mind trying the Funnel Dog. (It looks like a corn dog, but the coating is made of funnel cake.)

3. Sammy had his first visit to J.E. Moss on Tuesday.  Everyone loved him, of course, and my kids asked all kinds of funny questions about him.  I also learned that many people will not be back at J.E. Moss next year or are changing grades.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here or not, but I am one of the people who will not be back next year.  I’m gonna work at Mother’s Day Out and stay home with my Sam Sam!

4. Sammy is pretty much able to hold his bottle by himself now.  Yay Sammy!

5. I have been trying to resist joining Pinterest because I’ve heard it’s addictive, but my boss at Mother’s Day Out sent me an invite.  She thought it would be a good place to look up toddler crafts-which it is.  It is also just as addictive as I feared…

6. The day I get the worst migraine I have had in a long time is also the day that Sammy decides to go back to 30-minute naps.  Not cool, baby.  Not cool

7. Last night, in an effort to get Sammy to sleep, we went for a drive.  We ended up at the Sonic in Nolensville where I treated myself to a fudge brownie molten cake sundae.  AMAZING!  It is a cake full of hot fudge topped with ice cream, cool whip, chunks of fudge brownie, and a cherry.  It’s probably like 40 WW points, but it’s worth it!!

Fudge brownie deliciousness...

Fudge brownie deliciousness…


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