Things I learned today- 5/19/13

1. The Strawberry Poppy-seed Salad is back!!  Mike and I stopped by Panera on the way home from church so I could have it for lunch.  Yum!

2. Mike and I watched “Django Unchained” this afternoon.  It had some funny parts and some good action, but as with all Tarantino films, it had too much blood and gore for my taste.  I really don’t need to see someone get ripped apart by a dog, just sayin’.

3. I finally watched last week’s season finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” and I met the mother!  I mean, I saw her.  There has not been any interaction between her and Ted yet, but I am glad to know that she does exist.  I was starting to wonder if this whole show was some dream Ted was having while in a coma.

And the Mother is..... This chick!

And the Mother is…..
This chick!


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