Things I learned lately- 5/20-5/22/13

1. I experienced my first field day at Mother’s Day Out on Monday.  It really wasn’t too bad.  The kids rode little cars around, played with bubbles, threw balls, and jumped in a bouncy house.  The bummer of the day was that two kids didn’t want to nap afterwards.  Mom and I were pooped, so we really couldn’t understand how they weren’t tired.

2. How to remove a goldfish cracker from a child’s nostril.  (Very carefully, with tweezers)

3. I have been watching a lot of season finales this week to get caught up.  Here’s what I have learned so far: On “Castle,” Castle proposed to Beckett!!  Squeee!!!  I hope she says yes…  On “New Girl,” CeCe did not get married thanks in part to Schmidt “saboing” the wedding.  Best parts: Nick and Winston in the ducts with a badger- hilarious!- Jess saying, “Before you say no, don’t say no.”  Awwww!

4. I got Sammy to sleep in his crib- no bouncy seat- for an hour yesterday.  Progress!

5. Today was the last day of Mother’s Day Out before a three-week summer break.  Things are going to be a little different when we get back, as one of the girls is moving to the 2’s and another girl is not coming back.  Also, two boys are moving up from the baby room.  I am a little concerned about the little guys moving up…  There will probably be a lot of whining the first few weeks back from break.

6. I should be more careful when dropping the big bag of dog food into my shopping cart.  It landed on the corner of a chip bag and the bag popped, causing me to screech.

7. I watched the two-hour series finale of “The Office” tonight.  It really feels like I have just said good-bye to some wonderfully weird friends I have been hangin’ with these last 8 years.  I’m going to miss them!!!  The finale had so many great parts, it is really hard to name them all.  So, these are the moments that made me cry, in no particular order: (Sorry this post got so long.  I just really loved the finale.)

  • Erin finds her birth parents.  That’s when the tears started for me.
  • Michael Scott showing up to be Dwight’s best man.  Dwight: “I can’t believe you came!”  Michael: “That’s what she said.”
  • Pam and Michael talking and laughing at the wedding reception.  Pam: “Michael has so many pictures of his kids he had to get two phones. With two numbers. And he pays two bills. He’s just so happy to have a family plan.”  That’s all Michael ever wanted- a family!
  • Jim and Pam hugging after he finds out about her house-selling scheme.
  • Pam answering the phone one last time.  Pam: “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.  I’m sorry, Jim Halpert no longer works here.”
  • Dwight’s speech about getting along with his coworkers/subordinates.  Dwight: “Do I get along with my coworkers? Well, first of all, I don’t have coworkers any more, I have subordinates. So, have I gotten along with my subordinates? Let’s see. My supplier relations rep, Meredith Palmer, is the only person I know who knows how to properly head-bang to Motorhead.  Oscar Martinez, my accountant, is now godfather to my son.  Angela Schrute, my former accountant, is now my wife.  My top salesman, Jim Halpert, was best man at my wedding.  And office administrator Pamela Beesly-Halpert is my best friend.  So yes, I’d say I have gotten along with my subordinates.”
  • Andy talking about missing his old Dunder Mifflin pals. Andy:  “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them. Someone should write a song about that.”
  • Everyone sitting around in the bullpen while Creed plays guitar.  Also, Creed’s remark about the Office Olympics: “I still have my medal from that.”
  • Pam stealing the watercolor of the building she painted.
  • Phyllis tearing up when showing the Phyllis-Bird Stanley made for her.
  • Jim’s last line:  “Even if I didn’t love every minute of it, everything I have I owe to this job. This stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job.”
  • Pam’s last line: “I thought it was weird when you picked us to make a documentary. But all in all I think an ordinary paper company like Dunder Mifflin was a great subject for a documentary.  There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?”
I'm gonna miss you guys!

I’m gonna miss you guys!

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