Things I learned lately- 5/25-5/27/13

1. I tried two new dessert recipes for the Ludeman family cookout and both received rave reviews!  The first was a blueberry cream pie.  It was literally the easiest dessert I have ever made.  You can find the recipe here.  The second dessert was a conglomeration of Pinterest ideas.  First, I saw this picture and thought it looked really cute:

Deliciously patriotic

Deliciously patriotic

However, it was just a picture, no recipe.  So, I used this cool whip/pudding recipe for the filling.  It turned out great!

2. I think I have finally watched all the season finales on my DVR.  “Modern Family”- I really enjoyed the season finale.  The best part, which left me bawling, was definitely Alex setting off the fireworks during the voiceover of her Grandma’s letter to her.  As someone whose Grandma passed away on the 4th of July, her favorite holiday, I wanted to have fireworks at her funeral.  People thought it was weird, so we didn’t.  I wish I was as brave as Alex and had done it anyway.  “Nashville”- OH MY WORD!  Maddie told Deacon she thinks he’s her dad.  Deacon confronted Rayna, who confirmed, and Deacon went to a bar and drank.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Juliette tried to go to the CMAs, but ended up at the funeral home talking to her mom in her casket.  Lots of tears.  Gunnar proposed to Scarlett in Centennial Park.  (As someone who was also proposed to in Centennial Park, I can tell you that Gunnar would have had to drag in the swing they are sitting on.  The swings at Centennial Park are not that nice, and there is not one in that location.  BOOM- Nashville natived!)  The end was the worst.  Juliette has a memorial for her mom at the Bluebird. Deacon shows up drunk, sees Rayna, and tries to leave.  Rayna won’t let him drive drunk, so gets in the car and makes him move over.  They are driving and yelling and it is truly awful.  Then Rayna runs a stop sign, swerves to avoid hitting a car, and their car flips over and rolls multiple times.  I hate endings like this!!!  Why “Nashville”?!!

3. Okay, I saw the infomercial for the Air Curler the other day.  I seriously thought it was a joke commercial and I was watching an SNL rerun.  Nope, it’s a real thing.  Pretty sure all this would do to my hair is make a giant, tangled mess.

4. Dr. Comer was at school today, so I went over to work and my room is officially all packed up!  I hope all my stuff fits in Mike’s truck tomorrow…

5. Mike and I rented “Stand Up Guys” from the Redbox this evening.  It was an enjoyable movie.  It had some funny parts and some really good quotes.  There was a lot of language, mostly from Al Pacino’s character, which I didn’t appreciate.  Also, the ending was ambiguous, and I am someone who wants to know exactly what happened.  It’s worth the $1.20 at Redbox, but don’t watch it around the kids.


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