Things I learned the last two days- 5/28-5/29/13

1. Two of the boxes I packed Monday ended up mysteriously soaking wet.  Not too much was damaged, but I did lose three of my favorite read-aloud books: “Bad Kitty,” “How I Became a Pirate,” and “Pirates Don’t Change Diapers.”  😦

2. One of the teachers next door to me is moving schools and giving away lots of stuff.  I got a free Little Tikes wagon for Sammy!  Yay free wagon!

3. Surprisingly, as I pulled away from J.E. Moss on Tuesday with a car full of boxes, I began to tear up.  I have been so excited about getting to stay home with Sammy, I hadn’t really thought about how it would feel to leave Moss behind.  I have worked there for the past eight years, and for the 12 years before that I spent many hours in my mom’s classroom.  I have laughed, cried, struggled, made friends, made memories, and watched my students achieve so much within its walls.  I thought I would be happy to leave you, J.E. Moss, but my feelings are much more bittersweet.

4. It was half-price orange tag day at the Goodwill.  I got Sammy a romper, a 4th of July outfit, some khaki pants, and a camo sleeper(it made me laugh)- all for $3.98!  I think we might be taking a trip to the Goodwill every Wednesday.

5. I watched “The American Baking Competition” this evening.  (I get kind of hard up for tv in the summer.)  Here’s my review: I like that there are three different challenges.  It makes things more interesting, and if you blow it in one challenge, you can still redeem yourself.  The judges are pretty good, harsh but fair.  Jeff Foxworthy as the host seems pretty pointless.  There is a lot of information about how to properly bake things, which I think most of America will find boring.  Also, seeing all the food made me start craving sweets.  My verdict: I will continue watching, mainly because there is nothing else on.

The contestants on The American Baking Competition

The contestants on The American Baking Competition


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