Things I learned the last two days- 5/30-5/31/13

1. Sammy and I went for a walk with a new neighbor/friend on Thursday. She has a 17-month-old little girl who Sammy smiled and laughed at the whole walk. He is a little flirt! Turns out, her husband is the bass player for “The Afters,” a Christian group whose songs I actually know! So, that’s pretty cool.

Not sure which one is her husband...

Not sure which one is her husband…

2. I gained 3 lbs this week. 😦 I actually skipped my Weight Watchers meeting last week, because I knew I had been making terrible choices. I convinced myself that I would skip the meeting and then shape up and eat right. Didn’t happen. Lesson learned: You should always go to the meeting. Otherwise, things just get worse.
3. I ran into J.E. Moss’s former custodian, Mr. Stewart, at Aldi’s today. I gave him a hug, which he pretended to be unhappy about. He is the same gruff-but-secretly-a-big-softie guy. I’ve missed him!
4. Sammy did not want to take naps today, but he did want to cry, scream, and be a big pain in the butt. After numerous attempts to get him to take a nap, I went and ate dinner and let him scream it out. I haven’t actually done that before, and it was rather horrible. I felt like a terrible mother. He did eventually go to sleep, though.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned the last two days- 5/30-5/31/13

  1. The first time letting them cry it out is always awful! But, as a mom and an OT, let me assure you that babies eventually have to learn to self-soothe for their long-term mental health. You’re a great mom!

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