Things I learned lately- 6/6-6/9/13

1. My blog controls Miriam’s dreams. Miriam, tonight I want you to dream that the Titans are playing the Colts in the Super Bowl (yes, I know this is impossible, but it’s a dream) and we are there cheering on our respected teams.
2. Sammy got super fussy Friday evening, and my usual cure is a long walk. Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain. Solution: Sammy and I went to Kroger where we strolled up and down all the aisles, and he chilled out.
3. While I was at Kroger, I stopped by the Redbox because I wanted to rent a cheesy romantic comedy. I settled on “To Rome With Love.” Not a good choice! It is not romantic, not really a comedy, and very confusing. Definitely not worth $1.20.
4. Mom and I hit the shops on Saturday in search of a dress for Gwen’s wedding. I finally found one I liked at the third store we visited. Surprisingly, it is one of those dresses that is short in the front and long in the back. It’s not a good look for a shirt, but looks cute on a dress.
5. Sammy turned six months on Saturday. I can’t believe my baby has already been alive for half a year! He has changed so much!

Just born Sammy

Just Born Sammy

6-Month-Old Sammy

6-Month-Old Sammy

6. The gender of an alligator’s babies is determined by the temperature at which the eggs are kept. If kept at 86 degrees or lower, the eggs will be female. 93 degrees or higher and they will be male. I learned this interesting fact from the book “A Step of Faith” by Richard Paul Evans. Unrelated side note: This is the fourth book in a series called The Walk, and I would recommend them all. They are very quick reads, but interesting, perfect for summer vacationing.
7. Mike and I rented “Parker” from the Redbox this evening. I always enjoy Jason Statham beating people up, and this was no exception. There was one super gory scene I could have done without, but otherwise it was a good action/thriller. If you enjoy the usual Statham movies, I recommend.
8. I caught the pilot of the new series “Graceland” on USA. It was really exciting, all about undercover agents from various agencies living in the same house. The big twist is that the new guy assigned to the house is supposed to be investigating one of the other agents, who just so happened to have saved his life. Moral dilemmas will ensue, I’m sure. I think it could be a good summer series to add to my repertoire.


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