Things I learned today- 6/11/13

1. Evening photo sessions with Sammy are not a good idea.  We met my lovely friend Tammy at Old Fort Park in Murfreesboro to shoot during “the golden hour.”  (For non-photography folk, this is an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.)  We had all kinds of props and fun ideas, but Sammy did not want to cooperate.  No matter what we did, he just cried and cried.  This did not make for very cute pictures.  We rescheduled the photo shoot for next week and are going to try a different time of day, probably not during the golden hour.

2. Mike told me a good cop story.  A police officer, who will remain nameless, pulled over someone who wanted to be a smarta$$.  When the officer handed the driver a ticket, he informed him, “That will be ten points for Gryffindor, sir.”  Hee.  Love cops who tell Harry Potter jokes!


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