Things I learned on my first roadtrip with a baby- 6/14-6/17/13

1. Babies require a lot more stuff than just Mike and I.  We rented a minivan with my mom and sister, and it was packed out!

2. I never thought I would say this, but the Chrysler Town and Country minivan is sweet!!  It has a back-up camera, satellite radio, a remote that opens both the rear hatch and two sliding side doors, and more buttons than you can shake a stick at!  It really was a great vehicle for road-tripping, and fit all four of us and Sammy with room to spare. Update: When Mike returned the van, the guy showed him it had a DVD player we didn’t know about!  Doh!

3. Sammy is a decent little traveler.  It helped that my mom sat next to him and entertained him with toys, songs, and peek-a-boo.  He did get pretty tired of being in his car seat, but on the whole, I was surprised at how good he was.

4. Mike and I got to have a belated anniversary dinner at our favorite place- Tupelo Honey Café.  We have discovered a new favorite food that is served there- Fried Parmesan Corn on the Cob.  It tastes like a combination of macaroni and cheese and corn on the cob.  Mmmmm…..

Fried parmesan corn on the cob

Fried parmesan corn on the cob

5. We spent our first night without Sammy- he slept across the hall in my mom and Heidi’s room.  He went to sleep with no problem, then woke up Mom at 3 AM and stayed up till after 5 AM.

6. Attending a wedding with a baby is kind of stressful.  I honestly think I missed half the ceremony because I was focused on entertaining Sammy with his quietest toys.  He did a great job until the very end.  When everyone cheered after the, “Presenting Mr. and Mrs.” part, he got scared and burst into tears.  As my cousin Gwen and her new husband came back down the aisle, Sammy bawled his head off.

7. Gwen and Matt’s wedding and reception was really lovely.  It was small and intimate with just close friends and family, and it took place in their backyard.  The food was classic southern- fried chicken, BBQ sandwiches, coleslaw, and potato salad.  The cake was an award-winning coconut cake- yum!  One of the best wedding cakes I’ve ever had.  The band was fun and I had a blast dancing and hanging out with family.

Wedding cake of deliciousness....

Wedding cake of deliciousness….

8. Sammy had his first pool experience Sunday night at our Asheville hotel.  He loved it!!  He kicked his little feet and grinned.  I took a video to show friends and family.  My dad has declared him “the next Michael Phelps!”

Baby Michael Phelps

Baby Michael Phelps

9. After four days of driving a minivan full of women around, Mike was very happy to be home.  Sammy was very happy to be out of his car seat.  I was very happy to see our wonderfully comfortable bed. 🙂


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