Things I learned the last two days- 6/30-7/1/13

1. Sammy and I did not have a very productive trip to the Goodwill on Sunday.  We did manage to find a brand-new, tags on, fleece pull-over for 99 cents.  That was our only success, as Sammy began screaming his head off soon after this find.

2. How to identify vintage clothing in thrift stores.  I figure that if I decide to sell my vintage clothing on Etsy, I should find more stuff to replace what I sell.  This website has been really helpful in explaining what to look for.

3. Mike won this year’s 3G (God, guys, guns) skeet shooting contest.  He got a trophy, a gift card to the movies, and a gift card to Cheddar’s.  Score!!

4. I watched the movie “Friends with Kids” on Netflix Sunday night.  It has a lot of language, and doesn’t show married people with children in a very flattering light.  I don’t know.  It wasn’t the feel-good romantic comedy I was looking for.

5. The show “Devious Maids” on Lifetime may be my new guilty pleasure.  Seriously, it’s addicting!

Super cheesy, but super addicting!

Super cheesy, but super addicting!

6. We got a new little girl at Mother’s Day Out today, and she was so good!  She followed directions, took a long nap, and was basically perfectly behaved.  I wish I could trade a couple of kids in for more like her!

7. I am officially the lead teacher in the toddler room, as my co-teacher will not be returning from her medical leave.  The good news is: I get a raise!  Woo woo!

8. Georgia’s fear of fireworks overtook her dislike of Sammy touching her.  She spent the evening trying to sit in my lap, while Sammy pet her and pulled her ears.

9. Sammy tried carrots this evening.  I don’t think he hated them as much as peas, but it wasn’t a resounding success.

10. I am going to have to do something to create more white noise in Sammy’s room for the next few nights.  Some numb-nuts was setting off giant fireworks at 10:30 this evening, waking up Sammy multiple times.  GRRRR….


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