Things I learned the last two days- 7/7-7/8/13

1. The stomach virus of evilness has been running rampant at Mother’s Day Out.  My toddler room assistant Maddie and I came down with it the same exact day.  The 4-year-old teacher and her kids all have it, and various other kiddos came down with it over the weekend.  We lysoled EVERYTHING before we went home.  I can’t catch it twice, can I?

2. The director at Mother’s Day Out informed me today that the 3-year-old teacher is leaving the end of August and her plan is to move me to that classroom.  Yay for no more diapers!

3. When making butterflies out of coffee filters, spraying too much water on the coffee filter causes all the marker to run off.  Then it just looks like a wet coffee filter instead of a butterfly.  Here is what they were supposed to look like:

So pretty!  Ours looked nothing like this.

So pretty! Ours looked nothing like this.

4. I started a new Bible study tonight with my small group ladies.  It is a Beth Moore study- James.  I have never done a Beth Moore study before, and I really enjoyed the first night.  She is intense!  I really like how she incorporates so much background and history into the study.

2 thoughts on “Things I learned the last two days- 7/7-7/8/13

  1. My mom, sister & I all did James last year! It was SO good. I even did the part where you hand write the entire book. I wasn’t about to try memorizing it, but I found writing it to be a really good way to focus on the words. I’m excited you’re doing it. I have Esther to do next, but I haven’t made it as far through that one as I would like! I even went to one of her live events with my mom and sister in Columbus a year or so ago.

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