Things I learned today- 7/11/13

1. I finally managed to snap a pic of Sammy’s two teeth!  It’s a little blurry, but you get the idea.  I am also posting a gratuitous 7 month pic.

Sammy's teeth!

Sammy’s teeth!

Check out my teeth, yo!

Check out my teeth, yo!

2. I am officially declaring my favorite couple on “So You Think You Can Dance'”- Jasmine H. and Aaron.  I hope this doesn’t spell their doom.  I was also very upset that the judges sent Jasmine M. home this week.  She was one of my favorites and did not deserve to even be in the bottom 3, much less go home.  Boo, judges!!!

3. Out of the 10 contestants on “American Baking Competition,” the one guy I didn’t like won.  There was only a 10 percent chance of that happening!  I am angry at reality TV tonight.


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