Things I learned this weekend- 7/12-7/14/13

1. Somehow I missed out on the “Sharknado” phenomenon.  As this ridiculous concept of a SyFy movie sounds like something I would totally enjoy, I am going to try to catch it when it re-airs on Thursday night.  I will definitely tweet about it afterwards.  Just kidding!  I have no idea how to tweet anything.  I might be the youngest old fogey around.  “All you kids with your twitters and your instagrams…” (Must be said in an old man voice, e.g. Grandpa Simpson)

2. Milo’s back!!  Milo is our neighbors 5 lb yorkie poo who we dog sat last summer.  You can see a cute picture of him here.  He seems to be much braver this year, going so far as to bark and growl at Scrappy.  Last year he would hide under our bed anytime Scrappy looked at him sideways.  Sammy thinks Milo is hilarious.  All day he watches him, tries to grab him, and laughs hysterically every time Milo tries to lick his face.  It’s actually pretty fun to watch. 🙂

3. We had the Annual Ludeman Fireworks Show Friday night.  It was previously rescheduled because of all the rain.  Mike had to work, so my friend Amanda came to be my lovely assistant.  It was a great show!  Of the new fireworks we got this year, I liked the Flying Pigs, King Crab, Xtra Fish, and Flippin’ Awesome fountain.  I will probably not get the Tortoise, Race Cars, or Fire Truck again.  They were kind of duds.

I love that there is a dolphin on the packaging.  Just a random dolphin.  Maybe they thought it was Flipper?

I love that there is a dolphin on the packaging. Just a random dolphin. Maybe they thought it was Flipper?

4. I have been doing some online research on tips to get Sammy to eat solid food.  Everything I read told me I shouldn’t force-feed him, because then he will have bad connotations about being in his high chair and food.  Everything I read also told me to just keep trying with different foods, and he will eat when he is ready.  So, I shouldn’t force-feed him, but I need to keep trying?  The only way to get Sammy to try any food is to force-feed him.  I am confused…

5. We rented “A Good Day to Die Hard” from the Redbox today.  Here is Mike’s review, verbatim: “I’m glad we didn’t pay to see this movie in the theater.  It is missing something, something that would make it a good movie.  Maybe something like a story?”  Then, he chose to take a nap instead of watching the ending.  I think that tells you a lot, right there.  I would agree that it is short on plot, and missing the humor and quotable dialogue of the previous Die Hard movies.  There were lots of explosions, car chases, and a couple of funny lines.  I give it a solid “meh.”

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