Things I learned the last two days- 7/29-7/30/13

1. I have now met my new toddler assistant at Mother’s Day Out. She is super nice, great with the kids, and crazy fast at changing diapers.  I think we are going to be a great team!

2. I decided to give painting another try on Monday.  I saw an idea on Pinterest for cutting slits in toilet paper tubes and folding them down.  This was supposed to make a flower shape when dipped in paint and stamped on paper.  Unfortunately, I didn’t read the directions very thoroughly.  I did not cut the toilet paper tubes correctly and instead of making flower shapes, we made lots of rectangles.  Oh, well.  The paintings actually didn’t look that bad- they reminded me of a lot of abstract art I’ve seen.  Here’s what our paintings were supposed to look like:


3. Castoreum is a secretion from beaver anal glands.  It is also used to enhance the vanilla and raspberry flavors in ice cream.  I really wish I hadn’t learned this fact, as I love ice cream and don’t want to think about beaver anal glands while eating it.  When telling Miriam about my castoreum findings, she came up with an interesting question.  Who is in charge of collecting the castoreum from the beavers?  Is there a factory somewhere in which workers are going around and squeezing beaver anal glands?  WORST JOB EVER!

This beaver's anal gland juice is listed as "natural flavoring" on ice cream ingredients.

This beaver’s anal gland juice is listed as “natural flavoring” on ice cream ingredients.

4. According to this article I read today, sharknado is not as outlandish as we all might think.  There have actually been documented incidents in which various organisms have been sucked up in waterspouts and then rained down on innocent bystanders.  Fish, frogs, worms, and alligators were all mentioned.  Can’t you just see the SyFy promo for Gatornado in your head?!  Wormnado would also be pretty disturbing…

5. I watched the second episode of “Project Runway” this evening.  I find it really annoying that so much screen time is being given to Timothy and Sandro, who might be the most annoying PR contestants EVER!  I was hoping we might get rid of one of them on this episode, but the judges again sent home someone whose look was not that bad.  I would have been happy to say “Auf Weidersehen” to Helen or Timothy, but it was not to be.  I am not sure I am going to continue to watch this season.  I don’t watch “Project Runway” to be annoyed by stupid people.  I watch it to see talented designers doing amazing things with fabric and other unconventional materials, as do most PR viewers.

6. I tried T.G.I.Friday’s “Frozen Blackberry Long Island Iced Tea” this evening.  One word- YUM!!  Way better than that blackberry wine…  (I realize I am not classy.  I’m okay with it.)

Grown-Up Capri Sun

Grown-Up Capri Sun

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