Things I learned the last two days- 8/6- 8/7/13

1. Sammy has discovered his wiener.  I can’t believe there isn’t a sticker for that on his Baby’s Firsts Calendar! 🙂

2. Yesterday I was talking with my neighbor when the pizza guy pulled up to her house.  I mentioned that I had never had pizza from that place, so he gave me a free large pizza.  I have NEVER been given a free pizza before, but of course I would get one when I have been trying so hard to watch what I eat.  As I am aware of my complete lack of self-control, I immediately texted another neighbor and offered it to her.  If I was left alone in the house with a large pizza all night, I have no doubt I would eat the whole thing eventually.

3. Sammy has learned to wave!  For the past couple of weeks, he has been doing a backwards wave where he puts his hand up to his face and waves at himself.  Today, he finally turned it around and waved at his Dad.  Yay Sammy!

4. We had a much better day today at Mother’s Day Out.  We only had nine toddlers, which helped a lot, and we got everyone to sleep.  We even finger painted some apples, and they turned out great!

5. I watched this video today and it reminded me why penguins are my favorite animal.  There’s no way to watch a penguin waddle around and not smile.  Also, we share a propensity for clumsiness.

6. Who the Top Ten are on “So You Think You Can Dance”  I was sad to see Malece and Alan go home, but I agree with the judges’ decision.  I am excited to see who the All Stars will be next week!


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