Things I learned the last two days- 8/13- 8/14/13

1. Our air conditioner is fixed!!  It cost $536.  I would probably have paid $5,000, as I was so tired of being hot and sweaty!  Whoever invented air conditioning is my new favorite person ever.

2. Sammy and I met up with my friend Sus last night for a walk in Centennial Park.   Sus and I were amazed at the eclectic activities that we witnessed during our walk.  There were the usual ultimate Frisbee players,  a hula hooping class, and a group of jugglers practicing with their clubs.  We also saw the cast of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” rehearsing for this weekend’s Shakespeare in the Park performance.  I had no idea Centennial Park was such a hopping place on a Tuesday!  Here’s a short video of the jugglers:

3. Sus is leaving Sunday to move to Champaign, Illinois for grad school.  I am happy for her, but sad that so many of my friends are moving far away!  I now have friends in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Lamoni, Iowa, Akron, Ohio, and Champaign, Illinois.  None of these places are even close to each other! (Sadly, I had to look up a map of the US to figure out where Iowa is located.  They should really teach more geography in school.)

4. No one wanted to take a nap today at Mother’s Day Out, even the kids that normally love naps!  They were all trying to get off their mats and run around, it was anarchy!  Christie and I persevered and were able to get everyone to sleep.  Oh, the sweet victory of getting 20 minutes to eat lunch before someone wakes up…


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