Things I learned lately- 8/23-8/27/13

1. “Project Runway” taught me that there is something called glamping (glamorous + camping).  I think it might be my kind of camping.  It has the parts of camping I like- the outdoors, campfires, making s’mores- but none of the parts I dislike- sleeping on the ground, peeing in the woods/a super gross bathhouse, and bugs.

Glamping- Camping Heather-Style

Glamping- Camping Heather-Style

Glamping Bathhouse- Yes, Please!

Glamping Bathhouse- Yes, Please!


2. I’m so happy Tim Gunn used his Save for Justin this week on “Project Runway.”  Best use of the Tim Gunn Save ever!!

3. Mike and I made plans to go to the Wilson County Fair on Saturday.  This time, I woke up not feeling well.  I guess the Wilson County Fair is not in the cards for us this year…

4. Sunday, poor Sammy did not feel well.  He was crying and tugging on his ear.  We tried Tylenol, teething tablets, Orajel, nothing helped.  I finally asked my PA friend Amanda if she would mind checking his ears and throat.  She discovered he had fluid in his ears, but no infection, and his throat was pretty red.  I’m guessing he caught the same virus that Mike and I have had the last two weekends. Needless to say, we did not get out of the house much this weekend.  We have now watched the entire first season of “Sons of Anarchy.”

5. Monday at Mother’s Day Out, two of our toddlers moved up and we got two new toddlers.  I was pretty stressed out about how this would go, but the two newbies adjusted really well!  It was definitely a much better day than I was expecting.

6. Shoes are bad.  Sammy has been trying to tell me this since he was tiny, as he kicked and screamed anytime I tried to put one of his many adorable pairs of shoes on his little feet.  Sunday night, I discovered that the soft leather shoes he had been wearing all day had somehow constricted his pinky toe.  It was purple!!  After the shoes came off, his toe slowly returned to its normal color.  Last night when I was giving Sammy his bath, I noticed the same pinky toe was bright red and swollen.  After consulting with Amanda, she determined the toe was probably infected, and it would be a good idea to take him to the ER.  You know, because I couldn’t have noticed the red toe during normal doctor hours. (I think I might have my nomination for Worst Mom of the Year in the bag!) Here are some things I learned on Sammy’s first trip to the ER:

  • Monday night at 10:30 PM is a good time to go to the ER.  There was no one else in the waiting room.
  • It helps to have a friend who works in the ER.  Amanda wasn’t there, but she texted her favorite doctor and had her take care of Sammy.
  • When trying to get a baby to swallow medicine, blowing in his face makes him swallow.  In Sammy’s case, it also makes him laugh.

7.  The antibiotics that Sammy is taking for his toe infection have given him the runs.  Awesome.

8. I really need to take Amanda out for dinner or something.  I think I might be taking advantage of her medical expertise…


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