Things I learned lately- 9/2-9/5/13

Sorry this is so long….

1. I finally got my hummingbird feeder cleaned and refilled on Monday.  About an hour after Mike hung it up for me, my hummingbird was already back!  Now I feel bad that I didn’t have it out for him sooner.

2. I took Sammy to the doctor for a follow-up on his toe.  The doctor said it does not look infected anymore, but she was concerned that it is still pretty red.  I am supposed to put Neosporin on it three times a day and keep an eye on it.

3. Since Sammy has been doing such a good job of sitting, I decided he no longer needed his reclining bath seat.  I saw this idea on Pinterest to put a laundry basket in the tub for the baby to sit in.  He still gets wet, but if he tips over he won’t bang his head on the tub.  Tuesday night, Sammy had his first laundry basket bath.  It did not go well.  He kept trying to lie down in the laundry basket, then getting scared and screaming.  He wasn’t heavy enough to weigh down the basket, so it kept floating away.  By the end of bath time, Sammy was sobbing hysterically.  I wasn’t far behind.

Baby in a basket- not Moses

Baby in a basket- not Moses

4. Sunday is Grandparents Day!  Just a heads up, if you have grandparents.

5. Who the Top Four are on “So You Think You Can Dance”- Amy, FikShun, Jasmine, and Aaron.  I had all of them picked correctly except for Fikshun.  Jasmine and Aaron for the win!



6. I have finished the first Game of Thrones book and am already salivating for the next one.  I can now see why one of my friends compared the Game of Thrones books to crack.

7. There was only one day of Mother’s Day Out this week, but it was a doozy!  One of our toddlers cried ALL DAY LONG.  By the end of the day, I considered stabbing out my ear drums.

8. A father and son country songwriting duo that attends my parents’ church have written a song that is going to be on the next season of “Nashville.”  Squeee!!!!!

9. Who is on my fantasy team.  I have to say, there are a lot of players on my team I’ve never heard of, which I don’t think is a good sign.  At least I have Aaron Rodgers for my quarterback!

10. I made my picks today for our Pro Pick’Em League.  I am a little concerned about the new system of picking I am using.  Of the 16 games, I chose the underdog to win 6 of them.  I also put 12 points on Baltimore winning tonight’s game, which I’m sensing might have been a big mistake.

football shirt

11. I did an extra babysitting job at my aunt’s work today for two little girls- a two-year old and a two month old.  The girls were sweet and well-behaved, but Sammy refused to nap and was terrible!  The only way I could get him to calm down was showing him games on their iPad.

12. Sammy LOVES iPads.

13. For the second week in a row, I have gained at Weight Watchers. 😦  I really need to get my act together.

14. My friends Brad and Angela are having a baby boy!  Angela is one of my four readers, so I thought she deserved a shout-out.  Congratulations guys!


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