Things I learned lately- 9/13-9/17/13

1. I finally remembered to take Sammy’s 9 months photos.  How cute is this little guy?!

This is his, "I'm up to something," face.

This is his, “I’m up to something,” face.

2. We drove about 15 minutes of a 5-hour trip to Indianapolis and were rear-ended on Saturday.  In good news, we are all okay, and the car does not look too bad.  We were still in Nashville, so Mike knew the cop that came out to work the accident.  The guy who hit us had insurance, so we won’t have to pay our deductible to get the car fixed.  The paramedics even came out to check on Sammy, which made me feel better, and they were super nice and cute.

3. The triangular area where two interstates split is called the gore.  I learned this from Mike while trying to explain to our insurance what caused the wreck.  The idiot who caused the wreck was sitting in the gore, when he/she decided to merge into the car in front of us.  The car in front of us slammed on their brakes, we slammed on our brakes, and the guy behind us ran into us. The idiot that caused the wreck drove off on his/her merry way, but the other cars involved all stopped.  Mike and I are kicking ourselves for not getting the plate number off the idiot’s car.

Example of a gore

Example of a gore

4. We had an awesome Schlegel Family dinner Saturday night with delicious chili, cookies, and zucchini bread.  After dinner, we watched “Star Trek: Into Darkness” on Drew and Kristen’s giant TV.  It was just like seeing it at the movies!  I noticed a lot of things I didn’t notice the first time we watched it.

5. Mike’s cousin’s wedding reception was much more informal than I realized.  I brought a dress to wear and then found out the dress code was “jeans and t-shirts.”  Maybe it’s a southern thing, but I don’t believe in wedding receptions in which the guests wear jeans and t-shirts.  Pam and I ended up going shopping Sunday morning, so I could find a cute top to wear with my jeans.  (My only option was the giant J.E. Moss t-shirt I had brought to wear home.)  Sure enough, the bride and groom wore jeans and UT shirts at the reception.  Really?

6. Sammy loves the baby swings on the playground.  I put him in one when he was getting fussy at the reception, and he laughed and laughed!  Then, he nodded off and took about a 15 minute nap.

7. Which of Mike’s cousins belongs to which of Mike’s aunts.  We don’t see this side of his family very often, so I worked really hard to get them all straight.

8. My Titans lost to Houston in overtime. I didn’t get to watch any of the game, but my Dad gave me a report.  He was super bummed, but does think we may have a pretty good team this year.  At least we made a game of it!  In other football news, I am still in last place in the Pro Pick’Em League, but my fantasy team won!  I now have the same record as the Titans: 1-1.

9. How to copy things on construction paper at Mother’s Day Out.  It’s super easy!

10. My stupid DVR only taped the first hour of the two-hour “So You Think You Can Dance” finale.  I still don’t know who won.  I was appalled by what the contestants think a “modern southern woman” wears on “Project Runway.”  Also, I can’t believe Ken is still on the show.  He has serious anger problems, and the second dress he made looked like something you would buy at “Streetwalkers R Us.”

11. Sammy and I had dinner tonight with my good friend Cathy.  She gave me several tips on getting Sammy to eat table food, and even got him to chow down on several pieces of smushed green beans.  He loved them!  The mashed potatoes I tried to get him to eat, not so much.


4 thoughts on “Things I learned lately- 9/13-9/17/13

  1. Why do people call it “table food” exactly? Adults eat “table food” and babies eat “baby food”?Just call it food. I don’t get it. 🙂 I guess I eat couch food, table food, car food and many other foods too!

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