Things I learned lately- 9/21-9/24/13

1. I learned all of these baby animal names at my friend Brooke’s baby shower.

  • A baby monkey is called an infant.
  • A baby fish is called a fry.
  • Baby hippos, elephants, and giraffes are all called calves.
  • A baby pigeon is called a squab.

2. I need to be more careful when I let Sammy play with my cell phone.  I ended up leaving it at the baby shower, as it fell between the couch cushions and no one noticed.  I was phoneless for two days.  (I felt naked!)

3. My Titans won again!!!  We beat the San Diego Chargers 20-17 in our first home game of the season.  It was a very exciting game, with rookie Justin Hunter catching the game-winning touchdown with 15 seconds left- his first NFL catch ever!!  We are now 2-1 and in a three-way tie for first in the division.  My fantasy team got killed- you know it’s a bad week when your kicker makes more points than your quarterback.  I also made a rookie move and played Ray Rice, who was out with an injury- Doh!  The Schleganators are now 1-2.  I ended up in 3rd place this week in the Pro Pick’Em League, but I’m still in last place overall.

Justin Hunter hauling in the game-winning touchdown.  Go Titans!

Justin Hunter hauling in the game-winning touchdown. Go Titans!

4. Sammy has learned to clap! It is super cute, as is pretty much everything Sammy does.  Except poop.  Pooping is never cute.

5. BIG NEWS: The four-year-old teacher at Mother’s Day Out is going to stay home to homeschool her kids.  I am being moved to lead four-year-old teacher starting October 21st.  Yay!!!  No More Diapers!!

6. I accidentally shut the outside door to our classroom on one of our toddler’s fingers on Monday.  I felt AWFUL!!!  I called his mom to tell her about it, and she decided to come check it out and took him to the doctor.  No word on whether it is broken or not.  I would have felt really bad if I had squashed Sammy’s finger, but doing it to someone else’s kid is even worse.

7. Who killed Flora on “Devious Maids.”  It was Philippe Delatour- aka the dad from “Seventh Heaven.”  He did a great job at being an evil son of a gun, very different from his “Seventh Heaven” character.  The show has been picked up for a second season, for which I am thankful.  It is a great summer guilty pleasure.

8. I finally installed the jumping seat I got Sammy at a yard sale, referenced in this post.  He LOVES it!!!  He has bounced and laughed for several hours today.  Georgia is, of course, terrified of the jumping seat.


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