Things I learned the last two days- 9/27-9/28/13

1. I watched a lot of TV last night in an effort to get caught up.  Here’s what I learned: Rupert is gone from “Survivor: Blood vs. Water, ” which I am fine with.  I find him rather annoying.  Colton dropped the nice act and proceeded to try to stir up drama.  Happily, I think the returning players on his tribe are smarter than the idiots he played with last time and will dispose of him promptly.  I enjoyed the season premieres of both “How I Met Your Mother” and “Modern Family.”  I think I really like the mother on “How I Met Your Mother.”  I’m actually not sure Ted deserves her.

2. I tried my hand at making my own baby food this evening.  I think it went okay- I made peas and peas with corn.  I guess the true test of my success is, “Will Sammy eat it?”  Results to follow.

Pureed Peas- so yummy!

Pureed Peas- so yummy!

3. I googled self-cleaning blender and they exist!  Unfortunately, they also cost hundreds of dollars.  I will now add Vitamix Blender to my “When I win the Lottery” list.


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