Thing I learned lately- 9/30-10/2/13

1. We got a new little girl on Monday at Mother’s Day Out.  She immediately attached herself to Christie and screamed her head off if Christie left the room or had to put her down for any reason.  It was not so fun.

2. I got to spend my Birthday Eve with some of my favorite ladies getting a massage.  It was fabulous!  I have only had one other massage in my life, so I was a little nervous, but I am hereby adding Massage Envy gift cards to all birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s/Mother’s Day  wish lists from now on.

3. Sylvia, our Chevy Impala, is in the body shop getting repaired.  While she’s gone, Mike rented us an awesome Ford Taurus.  I would never have thought I would use awesome and Ford Taurus in the same sentence, but this car is sweet!  It has push-button start, a back-up camera, a sun roof, satellite radio, seat warmers and coolers, and the bright lights automatically turn on and then off when there’s oncoming traffic.  I am going to be a little sad when we have to return it to Enterprise.

4. Sammy, Mike, and I went to Nolensville Feed Mill for lunch on my birthday. I got their excellent chicken salad, and Mike tried out their Cajun turkey.  We also picked up some local honey to help with allergies, purple popcorn, (The seeds are purple.  I really hope it is purple when it pops as well) and some amazing homemade caramels.

5. Sammy loves the cool car that Grandma and Grandpa Schlegel got him at a yard sale.  We pushed him around the neighborhood in it, and he had a blast!

Sammy's Convertible

Sammy’s Convertible

6. For this year’s birthday dinner, I selected a restaurant that I have heard lots of good things about but never been to.  My folks watched Sammy while Mike and I journeyed to Franklin to check out Sopapillas.  I am a Mexican food aficionado, and this “fancy” Mexican food did not disappoint.  I would recommend everything we had to eat- the three-dip sampler, a drink called Sissy LaLa, (I did feel a little goofy ordering it, but it was yummy!) Mexico City street tacos, and tres enchiladas.  Also, everyone gets free sopapillas at the end of their meal.  They were soft and delicious, but I was so stuffed by then I was unable to fully enjoy them.  This is a place I would definitely like to return to!

7. I got tons of awesome birthday presents and even a card from Sammy!  I now own all the Harry Potter movies and Seasons 2 and 3 of “Downtown Abbey.”  I also got a purse I wanted from Target and a new bead for my Pandora bracelet.  I love my birthday!

8. Today was a rough day in the toddler classroom.  It was raining, so we couldn’t play outside.  The place that we normally run around and play on rainy days was set up for a banquet, so we were stuck in our room all day.  Our new toddler continued to scream anytime Christie left her sight, and no one wanted to take a nap.  In good news, the new toddler’s mom brought us thank you cards with Starbucks gift cards inside!  How nice is she?!

9. As usual, I requested strawberry cupcakes from Cupcake Collection for my birthday.  I ordered half a dozen strawberry, and then told them that the other dozen could be a variety.  We ended up getting two sweet potato cupcakes, which I honestly thought sounded gross.  I ate one when I got home from work today, and I was so wrong.  It was delicioso!

Sorry I misjudged you...

Sorry I misjudged you…

10. Sammy tried homemade baby food for the first time tonight.  I defrosted two cubes of peas with corn.  He was not very enthusiastic about eating it, but he did not throw up.  I am going to count that as a success!

11.  I watched last week’s “Project Runway” and was really sad to see Kate go.  I really hated her outfit this week, but she has been in the top consistently!  I didn’t think it was a fair elimination.


3 thoughts on “Thing I learned lately- 9/30-10/2/13

  1. I was SO mad about Project Runway. Alexandria and Justin (sorry, but it’s true) are both worse overall than Kate and weird eyebrow guy (Alexander?). If Alexandria or Justin don’t go home next, I may stop watching. I won’t, but I can say that I will.

    But I did LOVE Heidi Klum on Parks & Rec…but I’m still not forgiving her terrible Project Runway decisions.

  2. I think Justin is this season’s Patricia. We like him personally, but his clothes are just okay. Also, I’m just mad that the save got used on him and not Kate. Because she could have won. Now it’s going to have to be Dom!

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