Things I learned lately- 10/3-10/6/13

1. I got to catch up with an old friend for lunch Friday and try out a new restaurant.  I have been wanting to visit McDougal’s Chicken and Wings since it opened several months ago in Nolensville.  I heard good things about the Hillsboro Village location, but that is a ways away from our house.  My review: Yummy chicken, fries, and Texas toast.  Fun and friendly atmosphere and my favorite kind of ice- the Sonic kind!  It was a little expensive for a fast food type place, but the chicken was really good.  I also like that they offer grilled chicken strips, although I chose to be bad and didn’t get them.

Inside of McDougals

Inside of McDougal’s

A nice old man won a rubber duckie from this crane machine and gave it to Sammy. :)

A nice old man won a rubber duckie from this crane machine and gave it to Sammy. 🙂

2. My old friend Kelly taught me a new phrase- “I get knowed for that all the time.”  She recently went on a date with a very country fellow.  He also said plumb, as in “I parked my truck plumb over there!”  I’ve never heard someone say that in real life, only on TV and the movies.  In case you are wondering, getting knowed for something is the same as being teased about it.  Who knew?

3. I am way behind on my TV watching, but I did finally watch last week’s season premiere of “The Amazing Race.”  There were a lot of teams on it that I think I could like, including the former NFL teammates who were on this Super Bowl commercial a few years back.  I think the only team I immediately did not like were the ones that came in first- the exes who hate each other but still hang out.  I don’t get that at all…

4. Sammy was up every three hours Friday night, screaming his little head off.  It reminded me of how much I don’t miss those days.  Poor little guy is getting a mean tooth.

5. Sammy has yet to start crawling, but he has managed to find other ways to get around.  Saturday, he laid on his back on the floor and used his legs to scoot himself around the living room.  I guess that is progress…

6. For the first time since Sammy started staying in the nursery at church, our number came up on the screen Saturday night.  It feels like everyone is thinking, “What did their kid do?!” as you quickly gather your things and make your way out of the sanctuary.

7. It took most of season 3 to find him, but the “Sons of Anarchy” finally got baby Abel back in the episode we watched last night.  I know he’s just a fictional baby, but I’ve been very concerned about him.

8. My Titans lost to the Chiefs 17-26.  I actually thought we might be able to pull off a win, but Fitzpatrick seemed determined to throw interceptions at very inopportune times.  Not that there’s ever an opportune time to throw an interception…  In better football news, my newly revamped fantasy team might actually win this week.  Go Schlegenators!


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