Things I learned today- 10/7/13

1. My first day of training in the 4-year-old classroom went great!  I have to say, it is way easier than the toddler classroom.  I am excited to start planning fun and educational activities for my new crew of kiddos.  Some of them are really cute, and no one cried or pooped their pants, which was a nice change of pace.

2. Today was picture day at Mother’s Day Out.  Sammy was not having it!  No matter what we did, he screamed his little head off.  Ah, well.  It’s not like we don’t have plenty of pics of Sammy.

3. My fantasy team actually won this week!  The Schleganators are now 2-3.  I was in last place again this week in the Pro Pick ‘Em League, and am now 40 points behind the next to last person.

4. I watched some more TV tonight.  Colton quit on “Survivor” because no one wanted to talk strategy with him.  It turns out, he faked his appendicitis symptoms the first time he played, so he basically quit twice.  He is really a spoiled baby.

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