Things I learned lately- 10/8-10/10/13

1. Our case worker from Tennessee Early Intervention Systems (TEIS) came out to see Sammy Tuesday morning.  She gave Sammy a screening to see if he would qualify for a full evaluation.  He passed the screening, so he won’t be getting evaluated at this time.  She did give us some exercises to try with him, and we can have him evaluated if he is still not crawling in a couple of months.  I guess it is good news that he passed the screening, but I really wish he would just crawl already!

2. Our case worker, Jocelyn, was super nice and also a Titans cheerleader!  This kind of made me question my preconceived notions about cheerleaders, as she was not at all ditzy and knew a lot about football.

3. Tuesday evening, my dad watched Sammy so I could go on a small Target shopping spree with some birthday gift cards.  I really need a pair of jeans that fit.  Unfortunately, all of the jeans at Target seem to be skinny jeans.  If you happen to be not-so-skinny, these jeans are basically giant placards that yell, “Check out my giant hips and thighs, yo!”  My jeans search was unsuccessful, but I did manage to snag some fun new shoes:

New shoes!

New shoes!

4. It is really difficult to show a 4-year-old how to hold a pencil.  I am going to have to ask the Google Machine for some “teaching correct pencil grip” tips.

5. I did some Goodwill shopping today and managed to find a pair of jeans and a pair of corduroy pants that fit and are not “skinny.”  I also got some toys for Sammy and some hats and masks for the Imagination Station I want to make in my new classroom.  All in all, it was a successful day at the Goodwill.

6. Sammy was 10 months old on Tuesday, and I finally got around to taking his 10 month pics today.  It is a good thing my camera has a continuous setting, because he was determined to get rid of his 10 month tie as soon as I stuck it to his shirt.  Silly baby boy…

I don't want to wear this silly tie anymore!

I don’t want to wear this silly tie anymore!

7. I learned today that one of my favorite teachers from high school, Coach Bass, lost his home in a fire Monday night.  Former and current students are banding together to raise money to help him, and have already raised more than $7,000.  Coach Bass is the kind of teacher who really loves and cares about his students.  The outpouring of support is a testament to their love for him.  If you are in the Nashville area, MLK is collecting clothes and toiletries until 3:00 PM tomorrow.  If you live further away, feel free to donate using this link.  I know if this had happened to one of his students, Coach Bass would be pulling out all the stops to help, so let’s do the same for him!

8. Taking three weeks off from Weight Watchers = gaining 3 lbs.  Also, our new leader is from England.  She’s lived here 40 years but still has her accent!


2 thoughts on “Things I learned lately- 10/8-10/10/13

  1. Yay that Sammy doesn’t need EI yet! Also, I can give you lots of ideas for teaching your kiddo how to hold a pencil. Try tucking a cotton ball into his palm under his ring & pinky fingers to push him to hold the pencil with 3 fingers. Try wrapping a piece of tape around the pencil or crayon about an inch up to show him where to put his fingers. Try using a flat pencil like the carpenter’s pencils you can buy at Lowe’s to get him to use just the tips of his fingers instead of wrapping them around the pencil. Text me a picture of his current pencil grip if you need more ideas:)

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