Things I learned the last two days- 10/13-10/14/13

1. They found “human remains” behind the vacant Target not too far from our house.  Super gross and creepy….

2. It’s not a good idea to take migraine medicine while packing for a trip.  Migraine medicine = major forgetful brain.  If Mike hadn’t been on top of things, we would have left the house without half of my and Sammy’s stuff.

3. The rooms at Wyndham Smoky Mountains are some of the nicest we have stayed in since my folks starting letting us tag along on their vacations.  We have three nice bedrooms, two bathrooms, and plenty of room for all of us to hang out.

Free mini-golf course at Wyndham Smoky Mountains

Free mini-golf course at Wyndham Smoky Mountains

4. My Titans lost to Seattle on Sunday and are now 3-3.  We were driving to Gatlinburg for most of the game, but got to our room just in time to watch us lose.  I am again in last place in the Pro Pick ‘Em League.  I really don’t know how I am so bad at making my picks this year…  In the only good football news, my newly revamped fantasy team is KILLING it!!  I am kicking the previously undefeated Jensen Bravos’ butt!

5. The really annoying Wyndham people decided it would be a great idea to call our room at 8:00 AM, waking up Sammy and us.  They then proceeded to keep calling over and over.  Mike finally answered the phone and said in his creepiest voice, “It’s done, but there’s blood everywhere!”  Sadly, this made them call even more frequently.  Mom finally answered and agreed to let someone come over with a survey and some coupons that would only take ten minutes.  After the saleswoman had talked for 15 minutes with no mention of coupons or a survey, Mom asked her to leave.  I’m glad that Mom and Dad have points with Wyndham and take us on vacation with them, but their salespeople are insanely annoying!!

6. The charcoal at Super Walmart is in the Lawn and Garden section next to the Christmas trees.  You know, right where everyone thinks to look for charcoal…

7. Mike and I are this evening’s Five Straight Champions!!!  It’s a three-night tournament, but we definitely started strong.

8. I really like the hot tub they have here.  It is less hot than most of them, so you can stay in it for a long time. We hung out in it until we got all pruney.

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