Things I learned lately- 10/28-10/30/13

1. There is a fit-thrower in my new class.  Thus far, I have kind of been ignoring the fits and hoping he would cut them out.  Monday, I took a stand and let him know they would not be tolerated any longer.  He spent about 15 minutes crying in the hallway, and then rejoined the class and had a great day.  Fingers crossed the fits will soon be discontinued…

2. Well, the Titans didn’t lose this week!  We had a bye.  I am again in last place in the Pro Pick ‘Em League and my fantasy team lost again.  My fantasy team is now 3-5 and one of my players made 0 points, even though he played in the game.  Urgh!

3. Sammy decorated his first pumpkin Tuesday night.  He actually had a lot more fun undecorating the pumpkin, but it turned out pretty cute!

"Helping" to decorate the pumpkin

“Helping” to decorate the pumpkin

Argh!  I'm a pirate pumpkin, matey!

Argh! I’m a pirate pumpkin, matey!

Undecorating the pumpkin is way more fun!

Undecorating the pumpkin is way more fun!

4. Mike and I rented “Oblivion” from the Redbox Tuesday night.  It was really confusing.  I thought I knew what was going on, but then I totally didn’t.  It reminded me of a combination of “Wall-E,” “A Wrinkle in Time, and “The Matrix,” with a bunch of weird clone stuff thrown in.  I give it a solid “hunh?”

5. Sammy is TERRIFIED of his beard bib.  Anytime it even gets near him, he screams his head off.  This bums me out, as I wanted some cute pics of him in his first Halloween costume.  Screaming pics are not so cute.

This picture was just the beginning of the meltdown.

This picture was just the beginning of the meltdown.

6. I survived my first Halloween at Mother’s Day Out.  The kids all came in their costumes and went trick-or-treating among the classrooms.  I must say, kids in Halloween costumes are pretty adorable.  In our room, we had a cat, Thomas the Train, a witch, a pumpkin, Spider-Man, Batman, a fighter pilot, Bumblebee from Transformers, Captain America, a fairy, and two Little Mermaids.


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