Things I learned lately- 11/3-11/5/13

1. The Titans beat the Rams and are now 4-4.  It was a really close and exciting game!  I was in fifth place this week in the Pro Pick ‘Em League, but am still in last place overall.  My fantasy team was dealt a tough blow with Aaron Rodger’s injury.  He was about the only player I could count on to consistently make me some decent points!  The Schlegenators are now 3-6 with no hope in sight. 😦

2. I am now the proud owner of a Titans flag and flag hanger.  Thanks best friend!

My super cool new Titans flag

My super cool new Titans flag

3. I started Centers with my kiddos on Monday.  Reviews were mixed.  They liked the idea, but didn’t like that only three people could be in a Center at a time.  They also were not fond of the “Clean up before you change centers” rule.

4. I made it to small group for the first time in four weeks.  Yay!

5. In South Africa, instead of a tooth fairy, there is tooth mouse.  Kids leave their teeth in their shoes for him to find.  I forgot to ask if he still gives out money…  This “Thing I learned” was provided by my friend Angela’s blog.


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