Things I learned lately- 11/6-11/8/13

1. I am a little concerned about the Thanksgiving program we are having at Mother’s Day Out.  Wednesday during practice, half my class sang and did the motions and the other half got into a fight.  So, yeah.  Hopefully their parents will think they’re cute no matter what they do.

2. Nielson picked us to write in a TV diary for a week and paid us $30.  Woo woo!  I like getting paid to watch TV.  I must look into making this a permanent gig…

3. Mike was working the CMAs Wednesday night and saw Jason Aldean in the parking garage at Bridgestone Arena.  I grew up in Nashville and have never seen an actual famous person.  Mike has lived here 8 years and seen/met more than he can remember.  He also got to see Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, and the Duck Dynasty guys parody “Blurred Lines,” which was pretty amusing.

4. I have become obsessed with planning Sammy’s birthday which is a month away.  How did people plan birthday parties before Pinterest?!

5. Mom and I hit up the Consign and Co. half-price sale in Murfreesboro today.  I got Sammy a super cute baby basketball hoop, a sweater, a Christmas outfit, some shoes, slippers, and four pairs of socks.  I also got my goddaughter Maggie an adorable outfit, and I got myself some placemats that perfectly match the curtains in the dining room.  All of this cost me a whopping $17.  Yay for consignment sales!

6. In super exciting news, Sammy said his first word today!!  He was sitting in Mike’s lap and said, “Dada.”  I said, “What did you say?!” and he said it again, “Dada!”  He might never crawl, but at least we know he can talk. 🙂

7. I watched “The Amazing Race” this evening and was very sad to see the Oklahoma boys get out.  I was sure it was going to be non-elimination, as I don’t think there has been a non-elimination leg yet.  I also thought the singing Roadblock was really unfair.  Some people just can’t carry a tune, and it’s not something you can learn to do in one afternoon.  Side note for Miriam: I would have rocked the socks off that Roadblock!


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