Things I learned lately- 11/17-11/20/13

1. This week I am not in last place in the Pro Pick ‘Em League.  I am in next to last place, but whatever.  My fantasy team killed it this week!  The Schlegenators are now 5-6 and have moved to 4th place.

2. The Thanksgiving craft I ordered for my 4 year olds to make for their parents turned out to be a picture frame.  I did not remember this and had not taken any photos of the kids to put in said frame.  Luckily, Mike was willing to deliver his camera to MDO, and I figured out that the kids could still make the frames and I could add the photos later.  *panic averted*

3. While watching “The Mindy Project” on my DVR Monday night, I caught a commercial for the upcoming news.  Mike was on it!  I am pretty proud of myself for recognizing him, seeing as he was wearing his motorcycle helmet and uniform.  Look for a brief glimpse of him backing up at 50 secs and a close-up of him at 1:19.

4. It is not a good idea to take the migraine cure of Phenergen and Benadryl during the day, especially if you still need to function at some point.  I really thought I could just take a long nap and wake up refreshed and migraine-free, but that was not the case.  I woke up disoriented and unsure of the day of the week.

5. Sammy has an appointment to see an allergist in January.  The doctor did not think his egg allergy sounded too serious, so that’s good news.  He also was able to get his flu shot, we just had to wait around in the office for 30 minutes to make sure he didn’t have a reaction.

6. The Thanksgiving Program went really well today.  My kids did a great job!  I kind of forgot that the parents don’t really care if their kids don’t sing and instead wave wildly at their Papa.  As long as they keep looking cute, everyone is happy.

7. The number one single on the day I was born was “Jack and Diane” by John Cougar Mellencamp.  What a great birthday song!  If you would like to find your own song of birth, check out this website.  (Miriam, I already did yours.  “Beat It” by Michael Jackson!)

8. I watched a lot of TV tonight, which I don’t feel like recapping.  I will just say this, “Parks and Recreation,” I am so glad you’re back.  I have missed you so.  I loved Ben’s 90’s party at the roller rink, Ron and Donna hanging out and going hunting, and I plan on using the phrase, “I will have to put on my thinking pjs and get back to you,” some time in the near future.


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