Things I learned in the last week- 11/29-12/5/13

Sorry this is a long one!  I have been out-of-town and furiously preparing for Sammy’s birthday party this weekend.  Here goes:

1. I had my first weekend away since Sammy was born.  It was really fun, but I did miss him.  Hanging out with my bestie was awesome!

2. The movie “The Adventures of Tintin” was cute and fun.  The dog was definitely the best part.  Motion capture animation still freaks me out a little.

3. Saturday was a day of crazy football finishes.  Both the Ohio State/Michigan game and the Alabama/Auburn game came down to the final few seconds.  I have never seen an ending like the Alabama/Auburn game- crazy sauce!!!

4. I am not good at moving a ball with my mind.  Miriam and Stuart made me try MindFlex Dual, and I was amazed at their brainpower.  My own brain seems to need more training.

Mind Flex Duel game

Mind Flex Duel game

5. Miriam and I attended our 3rd Annual Titans vs. Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium.  It was another exciting game, which the Titans, sadly, lost.  I partially blame myself, as when we had the ball with a minute left and were charging down the field, I turned to Miriam and said, “Ryan Fitzpatrick is really good at throwing interceptions at inopportune times.”  Five seconds later, he threw an interception.  I jinxed it!!

Miriam and I at the game

Miriam and I at the game

6. There were very few Titans fans at the game.  Seriously, I think I saw six Titans fans in the whole stadium.  Way to represent, Tennessee.

7. I am in 5th place in the Pro Pick ‘Em League this week, but my fantasy team continues to dominate.  I trounced the team in first place and am now 7-6 and vying for 2nd.  (That’s right, Angela.  I can talk smack too!)  Go Schlegenators!!

8. Driving home from Indy Sunday evening was NOT a good time.  I kind of forgot that everyone else would be traveling home from their Thanksgiving weekend.  These travelers were determined to go at least five miles under the speed limit in the fast lane, forcing me to HATE them.  URGH….stupid people….

9. Sammy and Mike survived the weekend without me.  However, Sammy has only slept through the night once since I’ve been home.  What’s the dealio?!  I think Mike broke him.

10. Sammy has had several firsts this week. He got his first haircut on Tuesday- just a little trim- but he did great!  He also waved bye-bye at the appropriate time- another first.  He usually waves bye-bye when no one is leaving or they left 30 minutes ago.  When I picked him up from the nursery at Mother’s Day Out yesterday, they told me he had been saying Mama and Dada all day.  I was like, “But he hasn’t said Mama to me yet…”  Seriously kid, I only work two days a week!  You can’t say Mama when I’m around?!  I am not counting it as a first until I hear it myself.

11.  I stupidly forgot that glitter is the devil and allowed my kids to use it on Wednesday.  Demetri Martin has a truthful and hilarious quote about glitter: “The thing about glitter is, if you get it on you, be prepared to have it on you forever, ’cause glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”  Yup.  I currently have some in my eyebrow that will probably be there until I die.

12. We watched the new Veggie Tales Christmas movie on Wednesday, “Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.”  It is narrated by Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson, playing an okra.  I didn’t get to see the end, but the beginning was pretty darn cute!

Uncle Si- veggie style

Uncle Si- veggie style

13. I got to meet my friend Brooke’s brand-new baby today.  He is pretty stinkin’ cute, but I do not miss those newborn days!

14. We had an awesome holiday party at Weight Watchers tonight full of healthy food.  I picked up several new recipes that I am excited to try out.

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