Things I learned in the last week or so- 12/6-12/12/13

1. Sammy’s 1st Birthday party was a success!  He had a blast opening presents and playing with tissue paper.  The decorations looked cute and everyone liked the food.

Monkey cupcakes!

Monkey cupcakes!

Tissue paper is fun!

Tissue paper is fun!

Oooh, presents!

Oooh, presents!

2. Sammy has a really good arm.  He threw his chocolate cupcake way past the towels I had laid down to prepare for that contingency.

The cupcake prior to being thrown very far

The cupcake prior to being thrown very far

3. Sammy’s favorite present was a book I got him in the shape of Cookie Monster for 50 cents.  I like a kid with inexpensive taste.

4. Our house looks like Toymaggedon, and we still have Christmas coming!

5. I was really surprised to turn on the Titans/Denver game on Sunday to see we were winning!  Unfortunately, it didn’t last.  My Titans are now 5-8 and pretty much out of the Wild Card race.  I was in fifth place in the Pro Pick ‘Em League this week instead of last, but my fantasy team lost.  I got bumped down to 4th place, but I still made the play-offs!

6. All carrots used to be purple.  The orange carrots we eat today are actually a mutant strain of the purple carrots.  X-Carrots!  This fun fact provided by

7. “The Sing-Off” is back!  I kind of love that show and a cappella groups in general.  Jewel is a new judge this season, and I was really impressed with her knowledgeable comments.  I like when the judges don’t just gush over the groups but give actual constructive criticism.

8. Apparently, the word shirt in English is very similar to the word underwear in Persian.  I told one of my kiddos to pull his shirt down- his belly was showing- next thing I knew, he was pulling his pants down.  Eeeek!


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