Things I learned lately- 12/13-12/16/13

1. Sammy had his one year doctor’s appointment Friday, and it was a little distressing.  He has actually lost weight since the last time we were there and is no longer even on the percentile chart for weight.  In height, he is in the 46th percentile and his head size is in the 56th percentile.  We must fatten up the Sammy!!!  I am trying not to stress about it too much, but I am concerned.

2. How to make applesauce/cinnamon ornaments and salt flour ornaments.  We had an ornament-making partay!

These cinnamon ornaments smell goooood!

These cinnamon ornaments smell goooood!

3. Cathy made some amaaazing hot chocolate in her crock pot.  Seriously, the best hot chocolate I ever had!

4. Our Christmas tree and all our Christmas decorations are up!  Thus far, Sammy has not seemed to really notice them much.  He did pull a little tree down on himself yesterday.  Both the tree and the Sammy were unharmed.

Sammy hanging out under the tree

Sammy hanging out under the tree

5. I participated in WOC’s Annual Christmas Package Wrapping at Stones River Mall yesterday.  It was really fun!  We were pretty busy, which is way better than standing around being bored.  We did have one woman who was not pleased with the ribbon and bow on her package and requested that we change them.  Everyone was very cordial and helpful, but seriously woman!  We were wrapping your presents for free.  If you’re that picky, wrap them yourself!

6. The Titans lost to Arizona yesterday in overtime.  The last two minutes of the game were really exciting, as we kicked a field goal, recovered an onside kick, and made a touchdown.  All that effort to throw an interception in overtime and still lose. 😦

7. In fantasy football news, I came in second place this week in the Pro Pick ‘Em league.  Go me!  My fantasy team lost, so we I am out of the play-offs.  I totally would have beaten Amanda, but then Jamaal Charles had to go and make 51.5 points.  How is that even possible?!

8. I am trying to catch up on my TV watching.  I am up to the finale of “The Amazing Race.”  I think I am actually rooting for Jason and Amy over Travis and Nicole.  I really didn’t like how he treated her in the last episode.  Marie continues to be one of the most annoying contestants EVER.  I am about two weeks behind on “Survivor” as well.  I just watched the episode that came down to drawing rocks.  Craziness!


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